Soapbox Cover 01 ZpITEM! You won’t believe your eyes, True Believer! Hero Initiative is collecting Stan Lee’s “Soapboxes” from classic Marvel comics! In this one scintillating volume, you’ll see how comic book hype was born and learn techniques that are still being mined today! Here’s the ever-lovin’ hype (note cover not final!):

The wit and wisdom of the caliph of comics is on display for all to see in one mighty volume!

For the first time ever, ALL of Stan Lee’s groundbreaking, legendary “Stan’s Soapbox” columns from 1967 to 1980 are collected in one edition, published by The Hero Initiative. Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection will be available in both comic stores and bookstores everywhere in November, 2008.

The Soapbox columns will even be presented in a historical context, so you can immerse yourself in the flavor of the day, and get a sense what was happening right outside Stan’s window when he penned ’em. Some are poignant, some informative, some touching, and some funny. But they’re all memorable! In addition, a bountiful bevy of celebs also write about their most memorable columns, including:
• Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada

• Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige

• Former Marvel Editor in Chief and comics historian Roy Thomas

• And a vast variety of great names from the fields of comics, literature, politics and academia

“Wow! What a kick it is for me to see all my old Soapbox columns printed in one great volume!,” said Stan Lee. “Reading them now is like taking a trip back through the history of Marvel in those great ol’ days when the fans and I would rap about how our batty Bullpen was exploding with new heroes, new villains and more far-out, fun-filled, fantastic new ideas than you could shake a radioactive spider at! And, best of all, every Stan’s Soapbox book sold means more money for the great Hero Initiative cause. No wonder I’m so proud of this book and the cause that it serves! Heck, I might even buy two copies!”

Coming in at an amazing 144 pages, this full color trade paperback will retail for $14.99.


  1. Stan’s soapbox has always been a joy to read. (But then, I read just about any editorial page I discover in old comics.)

    I hope we shall soon see a complete collection of Mark Gruenwald’s “Mark’s Remarks”. His column in Marvel Age is filled with wisdom and advice.

  2. That is one dull cover, totally lacking in exclamation marks.

    Really, it looks like the cover of a Paul Harvey The Rest of the Story collection.

  3. What I want to know is when Fake Stan Lee is going to publish a collection of his Soapbox blogs. That would be the second coolest thing after this one. : )