Alex Niño @ Image

Comics legend Alex Niño has a book coming out from Image this September called DEAD AHEAD, and it’s described as “Dawn of the Dead on a cruise ship.” The rest of the team includes writers Mel Smith and Clark Castillo, colorist Moose Baumann and letterers Tom Orzechowski and Lois Buhalis. The cover is above and […]

More Spirit posters

A few more posters from the upcoming Frank Miller-directed SPIRIT movie have been released, showing Scarlet Johansson, Sarah Paulson and Jaime King’s characters. Enjoy.

WOWIO sold

WOWIO, the ebook distribution site, has gone offline and word is going around that the company has been sold. Wowio offered FREE digital distribution of various comics publishers including Lone Star Press, Steve Rude, Digital Webbing and many others. We’d been hearing rumbles that the company was behind slow on its payments to creators, and […]

More on Platinum

Joey Manley comments on the DJ Coffman/Platinum Studios situation: Signing a Work for Hire contract for your own original creation is like getting a new credit card. It feels like easy money until it doesn’t. Commercially developing your own creation without giving up ownership of it it is like opening up a savings account. It’s […]

DC recap

More DC analysis by Tom McLean: That said, media interest in comics is massively disproportionate to the number of people that read them, and the one thing that may prompt WB execs to scrutinize DC’s efforts is bad press. Fan discontent, while vocal, can quickly turn around with a couple of hits. And DC arguably […]

Vaughan at Midtown this Thursday

Brian K. Vaughan, who is now a “beloved comics figure”, makes an incredibly rare signing appearance this Thursday at Midtown Comics: Midtown Comics in New York City will host a comic book signing event with beloved author Brian K. Vaughan. BKV, as he is affectionately referred to by his fans, is the award-winning creator of […]

Faster than a speeding linebacker…

An interesting story up at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’S web site. Comics were made as recruitment tools by the University of Oregon to try and land highly valued prospects and they have reprinted one in its entirety on the site. This is the second conjunction of sports and comics thanks to SI. There was, of course, the […]

More on Heroes Con Journalism panel

Tim Hodler explains what was going on at the journo panel: If I’m going to be editing and writing comics criticism, it’s important to be able to separate personal friendships and acquaintances from my writing, and it’s already a lot more difficult to do than it was just two years ago. (Being married to a […]

Zuda Invitational

Some of those good strips from Zuda are getting a second chance, in the Zuda Invitational: On July 7th, will answer readers’ demands and celebrate the one year anniversary or their announcement with the ZUDA COMICS 2008 INVITATIONAL. Each comic, nominated by Zuda’s fans, will feature eight all-new screens for a total of sixteen […]

Many links

§ Johanna Draper Carlson looks at Josei Manga in the US: In the US, josei titles have struggled. That’s unsurprising, given the typical audience for comics and graphic novels; older women are the last untapped market. Today, several of the most successful josei titles are sold as shojo, with age ratings or “mature content” warnings […]