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An interesting story up at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’S web site. Comics were made as recruitment tools by the University of Oregon to try and land highly valued prospects and they have reprinted one in its entirety on the site.

This is the second conjunction of sports and comics thanks to SI. There was, of course, the cover of the magazine from a few weeks ago drawn by Mark Bagley and featuring Bizarro.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Wow. Slick cover. The interior illustration is a bit simplified and mixed, although I do like that center panel which emphasizes the championship rings.

    30 consecutive sellouts at the stadium? bah… Nebraska’s sellout streak goes back to 1962. And hi-tech? Nebraska designs their own weight-training machines. (Sorry… gotta represent.)

    “Recruits loved the books, and they helped the Ducks land several stars. For example, Jonathan Stewart didn’t lead the Ducks to a national title the way he did in Snoop: A Hero Is Born, but he did become the school’s second-leading rusher in just three seasons. Before they could immortalize the class of 2006 in graphic-novel form, Gilmore and his team received the ultimate backhanded compliment — the NCAA banned the books. ”

    Full article here:

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