Some of those good strips from Zuda are getting a second chance, in the Zuda Invitational:

On July 7th, will answer readers’ demands and celebrate the one year anniversary or their announcement with the ZUDA COMICS 2008 INVITATIONAL. Each comic, nominated by Zuda’s fans, will feature eight all-new screens for a total of sixteen viewable pages – so if you think you’ve read them all before, you’d better look again!

“One of the most frequent things we hear from readers through e-mail, at conventions, in the blog and in the message boards is a sincere desire for a comic that didn’t win a competition to continue in some way,” says Ron Perazza, DC Comics Director of Creative Services, “Now we have the answer – the Zuda Comics 2008 Invitational!”

This year’s Invitational was announced on the Zuda panel at this year’s New York Comic Con. Fans were encouraged to log in to and submit a list of their ten favorite comics that did not previously win a competition.

Title: Araknid Kid
Writer/Artist: Joshua Alves – Brewer, ME
Summary: Welcome to Obie City, a town where the corrupt and villainous rise to plague the good citizens of the deepest West. All across Hattahtak territory, the oppressed cry out for a savior. To answer that call, a mysterious stranger appears, thwarting evil wherever it should happen. Letting actions speak louder than words, he swings to the rescue of one and all and disappears soundlessly. Ill doers mutter his name; the honest shout it as an anthem; Araknid Kid!

Title: Brave Ulysses
Writer/Artist: Adam C. Moore – Sandpoint, ID
Summary: A young station-cop of the Interplanetary Enforcement Agencies has his humdrum life forever shaken as he follows duty’s call into the vast frontiers of space with the men and women of the much-admired IEA Marshals Service.

Title: Crooked Man
Writer/Artist: Gabriel Hardman – Los Angeles, CA
Co-writer: Corinna Sara Bechko – Los Angeles, CA
Summary: Early April, 1906 – San Francisco’s residents have no idea that their world is about to be engulfed in chaos. Vice cop Piter Rassmussen has a comfortable home with a wife and daughter who love him. His beat is Chinatown, a place both uniquely American and very foreign. Amon Pen is a disfigured Veteran just returning from China. More than five years have elapsed since he fought there in the Boxer Rebellion. He and Rassmussen couldn’t possibly live more different lives, but now Amon is hunting Piter throughout the young city. Loyalties will be tested and broken as secrets from the past are exposed to the harsh light of day in a city first shaken by the Great Quake, then stripped bare by conflagration. Even when society is reduced to its most basic components, the need for vengeance remains.

Title: Dead in the Now
Writer/Artist: Corey Lewis – Seattle, WA
Summary: When Braz – a young, cynical boy – discovers the world’s first authentic zombie he decides to end Earth’s monotonous routine and usher in an age of zombie-infested, chaotic adventure! Gathering supplies and weapons, Braz sets his friends up like modern, urban Lost Boys with himself as their Pan.

Title: Joe Comics
Writer/Artist: Chachi & Gabe Hernandez
Summary: Joe Comics is a satirical celebration of just how ridiculous super heroes and villains can be.

Title: Re-Evolution
Writer: Gustavo Higuera – Los Angeles, CA
Artist: Juan Felipe Salcedo – Bucaramanga, Colombia
Summary: The year is 2013, all life on Earth was nearly destroyed by a series of environmental disasters called the “Great Change” and as animals take over the planet a war breaks out causing a rebellion to be born led by the brave and noble dog Che-huahua.

Title: Reno
Writer/Artist: Dan Thompson – Graham, NC
Summary: Reno, a big rig trucker, defends a kind, young service station owner and her son who are victimized by a mysterious outlaw.

Title: The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman
Writer: Rory McConville – Cork, Ireland
Artist: Nacho Fernandez – Spain
Summary: When your face looks like a pile of rotten candyfloss and you’ve got no superpowers, the odds are stacked against you when it comes to saving the world. But Spudman has never been one to lay down and die…he’s made it his mission to be a hero…somehow….

Title: Teachers
Writer/Artist: Gabe Ostley – Hong Kong, China
Summary: Only these eccentrics are brave enough to face the ancient evil that lurks on campus and be back in time to grade all of those papers before Friday!

Title: Untrue Tales
Writer/Artist: Sam Little – Oslo, Norway
Summary: These are the untrue tales of Gabriel Stein; his life, his loves, his string of failures. Each story in the series will be a self-contained tale connected to the life of Gabe, the occasionally charming loser.