More DC analysis by Tom McLean:

That said, media interest in comics is massively disproportionate to the number of people that read them, and the one thing that may prompt WB execs to scrutinize DC’s efforts is bad press. Fan discontent, while vocal, can quickly turn around with a couple of hits. And DC arguably has a few of those, such as the popularity of Geoff John’s run on Green Lantern and Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. crossover, though it could use a few more. The pendulum of fan favor has long swung back and forth between DC and Marvel, and while it’s right now mostly on Marvel’s side, it will swing back at some point. Of course, coming up with a new hit series is increasingly difficult — witness the constant recycling and reviving of old characters, and the struggles new series starring even such well-known characters as Flash and Wonder Woman have had in recent years.

And Valerie D’Orazio:

I doubted here last week that Didio would be forced to leave. Say what you will about that department — they take care of their own. Really, you would have to do something like walk into the executive boardroom and take a dump on the table in front of witnesses in order to be in danger of losing your job. And even then, you could just have everyone agree to never mention it again and just wipe down the damn table. And serve donuts on it the next day.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, Graeme weighs n, too

This ties in with something that I was told this weekend – That, despite DC’s disappointing performance under DiDio, they may be forced to stick with him due to the lack of anyone else within the company with the experience and/or ambition to step into the position instead.