DC Month-to-Month Sales: March 2008

by Marc-Oliver Frisch For DC Comics, March was another slack month in the periodical business. More than ten ongoing titles were slated for cancellation across the publisher’s various lines, and numerous finite projects were in their final stages, with new ones waiting around the corner to replace them over the next several months. There were […]

Very quick links

¶ Boom is looking for interns: Summer Interships Available at BOOM! Unpaid, for college credit (must have letter from school). Email resume, cover letter, references, and availability to: interns@boom-studios.com. Photoshop and html skills a plus. Diverse candidates encouraged. ¶ Jeff Trexler points to a an European ad for HP Laserjets using some Lollicon imagery that […]

Local paper slams Gordon Lee case

The Rome News of Georgia delvers a dyspeptic analysis of the Grodon Lee spectacle and the behavior of DA Leigh Patterson: NOT TO SHOCK Ms. Patterson, or give her another cause for action, we saw the same thing in the flesh (though not Picasso) in an HBO prime time feature recently and suspect quite a […]

Pepper Potts’ super-shoes

One last IRON MAN item. It seems the ridiculous stilettos worn by Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts are spawning their OWN fashion movement: Looks like movie stars really do influence the buying habits of the many minions. Selfridges, the London department store, has seen a nearly 35% increase in sales of hyper-high heels since Gwyneth […]