Sadly, this week centered around everyone’s least-favorite castaway. Let’s see if we can find some stuff to talk about anyway.

* Well, at least they gave something for Bernard to do. I had to remind someone watching with me that he was a dentist and not a fish out of water in the OR. And you know Jack would do the surgery on himself if he could.

* Jack medicates himself because: 1) He sees dead people, 2) He has trust/control issues with Kate, 3) He’s not sure if he would be a good dad, 4) I’m sure there is one.

* Poor Hurley. Doesn’t he know that theory has been consistently debunked by the show’s creators?

* Who else thought Jack’s visitor was going to be Mr. Abbadon and not Christian Shepherd?

* “You’re not even related to him.” So, I guess Jack knows all about the convoluted family tree, of which he and Aaron are both parts.

* All those negatives aside, Jack got one thing right: He hates A-Rod.

* Was it just me or was there a lot of cheesecake in this episode? Cleavage, Panty shots, you name it, Kate showed it this week.

* Sawyer really does seem to be more Han Solo-ish every week.

* The best part of the episode had to be Jin and Charlotte’s conversation in Korean. Not only funny, but we’re setting the seeds for Jin’s presumed sacrifice to get Sun off the island.

* I read last night a great point: “Christian Shephard” set off the SMOKE detector. heh.

* Craziest theory I read after the show went off the air: There is nothing wrong with Jack’s appendix. Juliet “poisoned” him and performed unnecessary surgery on him, perhaps to implant something in his side. This would imply, to me, that Bernard was in on it too, which I’m not buying. There’s also been discussion about whether or not had an appendix scar in the flash-forward.

Certainly not a great week (no Ben, Locke, Desmond or Sayid), but it’s better than no show at all. Thoughts?

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Gotta admit, it wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, more so in the fact that it was almost all about Jack. Not that I have anything against Jack, but when they focus on mainly one character the pace really gets clogged up. On a high note, it was great to see Sawyer grab the hero role and being the stand up guy that you can count on when you need him.


  2. * Who else thought Jack’s visitor was going to be Mr. Abbadon and not Christian Shepherd?

    Since Jack already glimpsed his dad earlier in the episode, I was pretty sure it would be him.

  3. Wait, so Christian Shepherd is Claire’s father, right? She called him “dad” in the jungle. Is that what Jack meant when he told Kate that she “isn’t even related to” Aaron?

  4. The best thing about last night’s episode was the conversation between Jin and Charlotte, and him being threatening to hurt Daniel if Charlotte didn’t admit that she spoke Korean. It was cold-blooded.

    Another thing that greatly baffled me plot-wise was why both Charlotte and Daniel accompanied Jin and Sun to the medical station. Considering the whole trust issue and instructions from Juliet to shoot them in the leg if they tried to run, why bring along both Boaters? They could have potentially overpowered the two Islanders. At least, there should have been a couple of more Islanders to have superior numbers.

  5. I think pretty much everyone assumed it was going to be his dad.

    Also, to clarify, Jack never states that “You’re not even related to him — but I am!” In true Lost form, the fact that Jack knows Claire is his sister is still up in the air.

  6. I thought the highlight was Jack visiting poor haunted Hurley.
    Also, good to see both Bernard and Rose featured in so many episodes this season.

    And it looks like a return to full throttle next week.

  7. Yeah, not the most stirring of episodes. Lots of teasing there is would be coolness yet not so much on the delivery. Very disappointed to see Danielle is in the ground with flies buzzing. I would have much preferred her in the jungle, wounded, and waiting for Keamy to come by again so she could take him out. Anyone know why she’s been dropped from the show in such a vexless manner? Rather agitated about this one.

    Claire going missing is one of the high points, but I agree, too much Jack. I think his character needs to be that tentpole figure for everyone else to play off of, but to have Christian in the episode but not say more than one word is lame. The only time I really like Jack’s near perfection is when he is interacting with his admittedly flawed father, but I’ve got daddy issues, what do I know.

    Sawyer and Miles running around the jungle together is fun though, and I’d like more of Miles Ghost Whispering.

    But next week looks like a Locke (HA!), and I cannot f^@&ing wait.

  8. “Cleavage, Panty shots, you name it, Kate showed it this week.”

    And yet her one physical quality I couldn’t help but stare at and fall in love with is her NOT perfectly straight teeth. *siiiiiiiigggggghhhh*

    BTW, I had the same bafflement as the other Chris.

  9. Yeah, I don’t understand why Kate has to be so under dressed all the time, ether. It’s distracting. They need to have Jack get over himself, too. Sawyer on the other hand is rocking. YOU ROCK SAWYER!!! Really though, we need a little more story then that at this point in the game. At least tell us how all those bad ass bad guys got away from smoky! We know he she it is a killing machine.

  10. I don’t buy the Juliet-poisoned-him theory either. Unless she had a poison that *exactly* mimicked the symptoms. It was clear from the diagnosis exchange that Jack already knew what the problem was, he just wasn’t going to admit it to anyone. He didn’t want her to check, and when she asked whether his appendix had burst yet, he had an answer for her right away.

    Probably figured he’d hold on, get everyone rescued, and then collapse on a boat with surgical facilities.

  11. did anyone notice in the opening scene if jack had an appendectomy scar (one that big would likely never go away)? i can’t remember even seeing any tattoos.

    overall another great episode. poor sawyer!

  12. See, I guess I’m in the minority, but at this stage Jack and Sawyer have completely swapped spots in my esteem. I used to like Sawyer and hated Jack, but the more messed up and self-destructive Jack becomes, the more compelling I find him. Whereas the more Sawyer becomes a “good” bad-boy, the more annoying I find him (same thing with Spike in the Buffy/Angel shows)

  13. it’s petty and i know it, but the thing i’m most sick of is sawyer’s hair. it actually gets me angry.

    i’m pretty fucking pumped about the 3 hour finale.

  14. Lostpedia claims that you can see the scar in the flash-forwards if you look for it.

    I liked the episode for being one of their “character analysis” pieces, where you get to see that the same strengths that make Jack a good leader can become disadvantages in other circumstances.

    How odd is it that Jin trusts his wife, but she does have an affair, while Jack (apparently should) trust his paramours, but ends up losing them because he has trust/control issues?

    Did anybody recognize the split-lip guy in the promo who says he’s been dead 12 years? And is there any significance to that time period?

  15. “Did anybody recognize the split-lip guy in the promo who says he’s been dead 12 years?”

    I’m not sure. It went by pretty fast, but I thought it might be Ben’s dad. Although, Ben’s dad has been dead longer, I think.

  16. The guy in the teaser is Horace, the person who brought Ben and his father to the island to join the Dharma Initiative, and was later killed by Ben and “The Others/Hostiles” when they gassed the camp. Lots of ghosts coming up all over the place.

  17. The most interesting (to me at least) theory I read about last night’s episode is that Claire’s dead. That she died in the explosion and is only another manifestation of the island. That’s why “talking to the dead” Miles is so intrigued by her, because he knows she’s dead. This could explain why Claire doesn’t leave the island with the baby, though wouldn’t explain Desmond’s seeing her board the helicopter.

  18. I haven’t watched it yet, but I gotta say, “huh?” Jack’s the least favorite castaway? I think he’s very interesting. I like how he bears the burden of leadership.

  19. If Claire is indeed dead, then this continues the grand LOST tradition of axing a female member per episode. Man, women drop like flies on this show!! By the time the show ends, Jack and Sawyer will be forced to make sweet love to each other as there will be no women left to fight over.

  20. I kept expecting Jack to reveal that he had his appendix removed when he was younger.

    Just putting it our there…what if the Oceanic Six are still on the island, but the reason their future selves can’t go back is because they can’t meet themselves because they got off via time travel.

  21. I’m starting to wonder if this will tie into JJ’s Dark Tower movies (or something like that) at all. They bring up Stephen King stuff a lot on this show. Doors to other places. People coming and going out of nowhere. Outposts where they shouldn’t be. Dogs and Cats living together. More that I can’t bring to mind right now, but I know I’ve seen it. I don’t know. I give up. I’m just going to watch and see what happens.

  22. i think the split-lip dude who said he’d been dead for 12 years was the guy who greeted ben and his dad to the island when they first arrived. lostpedia says that dude’s name is horace godspeed.