This weekend! Stumptown!

If we could muster up the energy we’d be at Stumptown for sure. The guest list is stellar from Nicholas Gurewitch to Brian Bendis (who lest we forget was once an indie cartoonist for Image), and stops inbetween for Derek Kirk Kim, Gene Yang, Larry Marder, Craig Thompson, Tara McPherson, and the peerless Jason Shiga. […]

Iron Man early review

Variety liked it: Finally, someone’s found a sure-fire way to make money with a modern Middle East war movie: Just send a Marvel superhero into the fray to kick some insurgent butt. The powerhouse comicbook-inspired actioner “Iron Man” isn’t principally about this fantasy, but it won’t hurt at least American audiences’ enjoyment of this expansively […]

More manga Ts at Uniqlo

NEW YORK – TOKYO has more on Uniqlo’s Spring line of manga-themed t-shirts: This is not just some token nod to the daily expanding manga phenomenon in the US, but a truly informed and deeply realized tribute to the diversity of manga straight from its native country. From Golgo 13 to Urusei Yatsura, the 50 […]

Quick entertainment updates

• Quick Stop has the Season 3 teaser we’ve been hearing about. Does anyone know what that music at the start is? • Gawker yells: Stop Adapting The Wrong Comics and has this idea for a LOVE AND ROCKETS movie: Who should star and direct? Even the visual style of the Hernandez brothers fits King […]

Lovable hobbit to direct movie about lovable hobbits

Confession: we’re out of gas and waiting for the weekend to chill out, sleep in and change the cat litter. So nothing on the agenda today. However thanks to everyone who sent us the news that acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is a lock to direct The Hobbit and its mysterious sequel. Del Toro […]