NEW YORK – TOKYO has more on Uniqlo’s Spring line of manga-themed t-shirts:

This is not just some token nod to the daily expanding manga phenomenon in the US, but a truly informed and deeply realized tribute to the diversity of manga straight from its native country. From Golgo 13 to Urusei Yatsura, the 50 year history of some of the manga industry’s most celebrated publishers is represented and celebrated in this shirt collection. Not only are the shirts gorgeous, but the display itself is a sight for otaku and manga fan sore-eyes.


Reminder: manga is the new mainstream!


  1. I saw a hip young lady wearing one of these the other day in Midtown, and for a second I stopped to try and see if I could figure out what series the art was from. Then I realize I was staring at the poor woman’s chest and went about my own damn business.

  2. I *heart* Uniqlo! I made two trips to the SoHo store while in town for the con and came home with a ton of rad shirts. Not only are the illustrations awesome, but the designs are superb with all sorts of nifty extras like embroidered characters, raised fuzzy printing, and foil, ooo the foil. The best part? It’s all insanely reasonable with most shirts costing around $15! Perfect for the indie comics professional’s clothing budget. ;)

  3. And for the little ones, GapKids has a line of graphic Ts for boys and girls! Star Wars, Peanuts, Hello Kitty, Indiana Jones, The Rolling Stones… AND their seasonal ads have a comic book theme!
    Is it unfashionable to wear a manga T with my Incredible Hulk boxers from H&M?

  4. Well ain’t that fortunate? I wish we had a place like that in Ohio… But I think it would be torn down in a flash…

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