200804251023Confession: we’re out of gas and waiting for the weekend to chill out, sleep in and change the cat litter. So nothing on the agenda today. However thanks to everyone who sent us the news that acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro is a lock to direct The Hobbit and its mysterious sequel. Del Toro will move to New Zealand for four years to work with Peter Jackson and WETA on the films. As we mentioned before, we’re quite happy with this choice. Like Jackson himself, del Toro has the necessary understanding of evil and terror to make the films the wide ranging saga it should be, and not a cutesy tale of little furry footed fellas.

Of the greatest concern is still the mystery-shrouded “sequel” to The Hobbit, which apparently takes place between the Battle of the Five Armies and Bilbo Baggins’ birthday party. With Ian McKellen on board as Gandalf we’d watch anything, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious moment in the history to end with a triumphant reception at the White Tower. Given the crying game of Pan’s Labyrinth, don’t be too surprised if there are some sad tear-jerking moments in between happy hobbit dancing and the wailing of the wargs.

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  1. I wonder if the sequel will cover that period of time in which Gandalf leaves Bilbo and the rest to go deal with… all that other stuff? Like the necromancer and so on. Special appearance by Radagast the Brown and Saruman the White in the end battle against the Necromancer? MAYBE!

    Sort of like how Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead covers what happens to those two aren’t otherwise busy with their official lines from Hamlet.

  2. I’m deeply disappointed in the choice of director. Who is this guy? Absolutely no one else should be directing this movie. Peter should do it or no one.
    Already it’s off to a bad start. Let’s just paint a beard and mustache on the Mona Lisa while we are at it!

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