Well, that was quite the one hour of serialized episodic television.

Let’s just put the jump here and get on with it.


(Cavaet: This is being written immediately after the show aired. So, my apologies for missing references or things that whizzed by at break-neck speed.)

* Ben — Super Genius, but World’s Worst Negotiator.

* Those Widmore Troops certainly thinned out the background cast. You’d think they were wearing Star Trek red shirts or something.

* The Smoke Monster is the most unexpected Cavalry since …. You fill in the blank.

* One assumes one kickass showdown in the future between Ben and Desmond.

* Poor Sayid. He just will never get the chance to be happy.

* Was that Faraday’s anticipated “heel turn?”

* If Rousseau IS still alive out there in the woods, she is going to get even crazier.

* Who plays RISK without it being a drinking game? That’s how we did it in college.

* Nothing creepier than a phone with no numbers on it ringing.

* The doc is both alive and dead. Is he Schrodinger’s Doctor?

— I was watching tonight’s episode at work and at about 20 minutes into the show, one of the people watching in the room says “I’m confused.” I quickly try and explain the whole “Flash Forward” thing. Soon after, everyone had left the room but me, letting me take my notes in solitude.


  1. Heh, ‘heel turn.’

    Daniel is the absolute worst guy to send on a secret mission. Am I delusional or was Kate making eyes at Daniel?

    Anyone notice how dirty Ben was after summoning Smokey? Like he was shoveling coal or something?

    The background red shirts were entertaining. Bang. “Hey, are you…” Bang. “What’s going on over….” Bang. No coincidences on Lost, so I wonder how Sawyer, action hero-esque was able to avoid catching four or five bullets to the ass while rescuing Claire, who was in a house that blew up, while the red shirts fell faster than the administrations approval rating.

    One last thing, Faraday implied that time travel was about sending your consciousness back, so what’s up with Ben going through space and time, presumably?

  2. I’m guessing Ben was so dirty from having buried his daughter to some extent.

    The three red shirts dying one after another like that was borderline slapstick.

    The Smoke Monster brought the awesome.

  3. > I’m guessing Ben was so dirty from having buried his daughter
    > to some extent.

    I think he’s talking about earlier in the episode–before Ben goes to Alex’s corpse–when everyone’s still holed up in the house, Ben goes into his secret room, and later returns covered with dirt just before Smokey goes all medieval on the Widmore mercenaries.

  4. Brian K. Vaughan sure loves those extendable batons! First 355 had one in “Y: The Last Man” and now Ben has one in an episode he wrote. But of course, who doesn’t love them?

  5. Ben wasn’t dirty before going into his secret room, though he was still sporting some nasty bruises from his last ass whipping. Which makes me wonder how and why he got so dirty. I didn’t notice if he was any dirtier after visiting Alex.

  6. -It’s too bad Michael wasn’t with the landing party that got um, Smoked. “WAAAALLLLT-grk”

    -Jack should have kept it real- “What are those pills for, Jack?” “Crippling diharrea, Kate.”

    -Who doesn’t keep a bottle of scotch next to their beds to cure nightmares?

    -The Desmond Crazy-Eye Bulge is gonna set a new record when Penny eats it.

  7. “So, Ben and Widmore are playing one big, huge, live action game of Risk?”

    You don’t think it was a coincidence that Hurley said made a comment about Australia being crucial to the whole game – when Flight 815 left from Sydney?

  8. “The rules have changed”

    The more I think about the episode, the more I find this line fascinating.

    What were these “rules” and how have they changed? Is it that these “rules” defined some way that Ben and Widmore could share the island and its resources?

    When Ben was negotiating for Alex’s life, he said that she wasn’t really his daughter, and he seemed genuinely sure that that would cause Widmore’s goon to spare her life. (The fact that he killed her anyway made him realize that things have changed.) So were part of these rules that Widmore would leave Ben’s team alone, but that his family wouldn’t enjoy such protection?

    Then, right after Ben said that the rules had changed, he basically unleashed Smokey on Widmore. So were part of the rules that Ben would use his control of Smokey to keep Widmore’s interest safe from the creature?

    Probably lots more ways to interpret things, but like I said, the more I think about it, the more fascinating I find the idea that Ben and Widmore has some sort of agreement (with rules, even!) and now Widmore’s broken that agreement…

  9. I think minute for minute the most kick-ass episode of the series to date, and Sayid takes it up a notch cause Sayid pulls the trigger till it goes click.”

    Jason, good call on the Risk factor. Did anyone see what Hurley’s second roll was? I thought it was 15, which is just over the top.

    I am really interested to find out why: 1. The teleporter only teleports to Tunisia 2. Why the hell were they teleporting polar bears to Tunisia? Someone said a breath of icy air escapes Ben’s mouth when he wakes up, so maybe they explain where they get the polar bears at some point. My guess is Desmond kills Ben, Jack kills Charles, and Locke steps into the Well of Ascension.

    Next stop, Jacob’s cabin.

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