Keith Knight’s new strip

Longtime alt-paer mainstay Keith Knight joins the ranks of daily strip artists with Knight Life. The strip covers the usual topics: “political and social satire, humor about daily life, and other elements. The autobiographical comic features Knight, his wife, his father, and an “odd” assortment of friends, neighbors, and strangers.” The strip begins May 5. […]

New review crews: Shuffleboil, Mindless Ones

Two newish review sites offering solid crticisms: Occasional comics writer John Mitchell, who works with wife Jana, has some lengthy reviews at Shuffleboil such as this one, on INCOGNEGRO: Though not sold as part of this genre, Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece’s “Incognegro” is very ingrained in it. Essentially, this tale of 1930s newspaper reporter […]

Help wanted

§ Milton Griepp seeks panelists for two NYCC panels: Call for NYCC Panelists!! For two panels on Friday–on manga retailing and Seuling New York shows. We’re rounding out our panels on the two topics above, both of which will take place around mid-day on Friday, April 18th at New York Comic Con. If you’re a […]

Around the horn 1-2-3

§ Comics2Film, another Web 1.0 comics site — it’s been around since 1997 — has been purchased by § Ed Brubaker faces the mini-masses at Whitechapel. § At PWCW, Laura Hudson talks to Marvel about the viral marketing campaign for SECRET INVASION: “We’ve done a lot of mainstream pushes, not just to the industry […]

NYAF has new new dates

Launched last year in a problematic December 7-9 time slot, the New York Anime Festival later announced a move to September 12–14, where it would have less competition from Christmas. However, it has just announced a presumably final move to September 26-28, due to scheduling concerns at the Javits Center. While this is further from […]

Next Door Neighbor at Smith

Dean Haspiel is editing a new online comics anthology for SMITH Magazine: “Everybody has one. And, no matter how close or how far, we all live next to someone, and we all have a Next-Door Neighbor story,” says NDN Editor Dean Haspiel. “With this in mind, I asked some of my favorite storytellers and cartoonists […]

Garrity on Lulu

Shaenon K. Garrity cuts straight to the quick of John Stanley’s Little Lulu in this piece: The thing about the Little Lulu reprint project is that, brilliant as Little Lulu is, no one really needs 19 volumes of it. It’s a very repetitive comic. The adventures of Lulu Moppet, Tubby Tompkins, and their many small […]

Disney likes toons!

Disney is bullish on animation as a full slate of animated films for the next few years has been announced, including Cars 2; Bolt, starring Miley Cyrus and John Travola; Toy Story 3, set for June 18, 2010; The Princess and the Frog from John Musker and Ron Clements; Rapunzel, directed by Glen Keane and […]

Dave Sim responds

Talon helpfully faxed our post on Dave Sim’s current output to the non-internet using creatorand reports Sim’s response: “I have never commented unfavourably about women, my opposition is directed toward feminism and the way it has turned our society in an extreme misandrist direction. “I haven’t responded to Heidi MacDonald because I consider any analogy […]