Al Jaffee amazement

We take back everything bad we were just saying about The Internet. This Flash-based New York Times tribute to Mad’s Al Jaffee and his amazing fold-ins is the greatest thing EVER this week.

RIP: Jim Mooney

Veteran comics artist Jim Mooney died over the weekend. He was born in 1919 and enjoyed a very long career that included most of the history of comics, as Mark Evanier summarizes: Reared in Los Angeles, Mooney moved to New York in 1940 and was a part of the comic book industry almost from its […]

Whom DO you trust?

Rich Johnston sleuths out another Marvel viral marketing plot for SECRET INVASION, this one purportedly the MySpace video blog of a teenaged girl named Kinsey whose brother Hank is acting VERY strange. Like…an Alien in fact. Jess Lemon meets LonglyGirl15! Very clever, Marvel! Meanwhile, Marvel_b0y is widely known to be a viral plant at Marvel […]

Editing notes: Shonen Jump, Brevoort

Shonen Jump editor in chief Masahiko Ibaraki recalls his career, including the early years: Each editor is assigned a mangaka to work with. The first mangaka assigned to me was Akira Miyashita. I feel as if my training as an editor came from working with the mangaka, not my superiors. When I was assigned to […]


After coming in fourth in their Zuda competition, Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park’s SAM & LILAH is moving over to ACT-I-VATE starting May 1. The Dougan/Park team began collaborating at the Chemistry Set and will continue to appear there, as well. Sam & Lilah is a “romantic modern-day mythology with a touch of manga flavor. […]

What’s hot at MySpace!

CBR takes a look at comics on MySpace and concludes that Marvel is very buzy there. However the most popular cartoonist on MySpace is a Seattle-based animator named Siya who has over 47K “adds”: In keeping with cries of joy, top-ranked indie comics artist Siya told CBR News she first set up shop on MySpace […]

GIRL-A-MATIC is five

Girl-a-matic, the female-friendly webcomics site was five yesterday. We were sick and couldn’t post, but we still wanted to mark the occasion with a press release: It’s been an entertaining ride these last five years. GAM has seen it’s share of ups and downs and has happily been the online home of many an excellent […]

Kibbles ‘n’ bits 4/1

We have not knowingly included any jokes in here — browse with confidence! § OMIGAWD! We’re up for a 2008 Golden Champagne Glass Award! What shall we wear?? § HOTWIRE’S Glenn Head wrote to inform us that he would be appearing on Monday’s edition of SPEAKEASY on WFMU. We didn’t get a chance to post […]