M 03F3Cdafdcc727Da74B685Df282B34EdCBR takes a look at comics on MySpace and concludes that Marvel is very buzy there. However the most popular cartoonist on MySpace is a Seattle-based animator named Siya who has over 47K “adds”:

In keeping with cries of joy, top-ranked indie comics artist Siya told CBR News she first set up shop on MySpace to share her artwork with folks who may not necessarily find themselves in comic book shops. “A few years ago, MySpace wasn’t really known for networking amongst comic creators,” she said. “I just put up my artwork in hopes that people who wouldn’t usually read comics would be interested, in both comics and art. Some people liked what they saw and I just starting getting a lot of friend requests.

It may not hurt that Siya is a MySpace-friendly young lady of great attractiveness, but she is seemingly aware of the pitfalls of this tack:

DO NOT add me, if:

1. To add to your “hot chicks” list – I’m not a model, and I highly doubt I rank on the hot list. (its much appreciated, but doesn’t say much about me) I’m a big dork, you’d be very disappointed if you expected otherwise.


  1. Of course, when a hot chick calls herself a “big dork” to a comic book guy, well…that only makes her seem hotter!