Aiv S&L Promo 04
After coming in fourth in their Zuda competition, Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park’s SAM & LILAH is moving over to ACT-I-VATE starting May 1. The Dougan/Park team began collaborating at the Chemistry Set and will continue to appear there, as well. Sam & Lilah is a “romantic modern-day mythology with a touch of manga flavor. When a budding love affair between two fashionable urban twentysomethings is imperiled by a gypsy curse, slice-of-life meets the supernatural – in Technicolor.”


  1. This was the entry I voted for, so I’m really glad it’s going to have a home somewhere.

    I *really* don’t get Zuda so far.
    High Moon is great, and Pray for Death is good too, but I’ll be durned if I can figure out the last two comics that have won on that site…