Jaffee Fold In-1

We take back everything bad we were just saying about The Internet. This Flash-based New York Times tribute to Mad’s Al Jaffee and his amazing fold-ins is the greatest thing EVER this week.


  1. The Absolutely Mad DVD-ROM is highly recommended. Not only does it allow you to fold in each Fold-In electronically, but it also includes all of the extra stickers, posters, labels, and comics found in the newsstand specials! (No music, unfortunately.) They even include the Mountain Dew ads featuring Spy VS Spy!
    Al Jaffee has always been a great satirist. His “Hawk and Dove” comics were always well constructed, his various inventions were sometimes prescient (MAD ESP), and his snappy answers always enjoyable.
    The best tribute was when the Onion reported that a MAD correspondent had been killed in Iraq, a victim of the the terroist group “Al Jaffi”!