Rich Johnston sleuths out another Marvel viral marketing plot for SECRET INVASION, this one purportedly the MySpace video blog of a teenaged girl named Kinsey whose brother Hank is acting VERY strange. Like…an Alien in fact. Jess Lemon meets LonglyGirl15! Very clever, Marvel!

Meanwhile, Marvel_b0y is widely known to be a viral plant at Marvel as well. However, the other Skrull squealer is real and was causing real office agita.

As for us, we have one rule of thumb: never believe something is real on the internet when it involves a teen-aged girl.

Now this, this is real:


  1. Given that the “Jess Lemon” nonsense represented the absolute nadir of your — ahem — “journalism” career, I’d advise you to not mention it lest people remember that you think it’s OK to lie to your readers for a laff.

  2. I’d dispute your claim that Marvel_B0y is “widely known” to be a viral plant – widely suspected, yes (I don’t claim to know whether s/he is a hoax or not), but not widely known, unless you actually have something in the way of FACTS to bring to this discussion.

    Oh, wait, that’s right; you’re the folks behind Jess Lemon, which gives you all the credibility of FOX News! Carry on, then …

  3. I have no idea what a “Jess Lemon” is, but doing some poking around Google somehow led me to this old LitG with a rather interesting quote, given what’s happened in the intervening five years:

    Joe Michael Straczynski recently confirmed that he had a contractual agreement that his work would not be editorially altered.

    Wonder what happened there?