Cartoonist target of “terror plot”

Danish authorities have arrested three people who were allegedly planning to assassinate one of the Mohammed cartoonists. A 40-year-old Dane of Moroccan origin and two Tunisians were arrested. The Dane ill be charged with a terrorism offense and the Tunisians deported. The target of the plot, the intelligence service said, was the cartoonist for the […]

The return of Corto Maltese

Luigi Siviero of the Italian Fumetti di Carta blog writes to inform us an interesting piece of news: Matteo Casali and Giuseppe Camuncoli are going to publish a short coloured comic with Corto Maltese in the italian magazine Specchio +, a monthly supplement to the newspaper La Stampa. The comic is a prequel of Quattro […]

Marvel MMO bites the dust

The long in development Marvel MMO (massive multiplayer online game) which was being made by Marvel and Cryptic Studios (Dity of Heroes) will never be. Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Games Studios, explains why: “I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of what went wrong,” Kim told me. “I don’t know that that’s the right […]

Nick Kids Choice Awards tap comics

The Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards are a televised award show with stars and hosts and all that. this year they also have comics. Or books, anyway. The nominees in the Favorite Book category include to comics: Favorite Book Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume One: The Long Way Home Diary of a Wimpy Kid […]

RIP Stéphane Peru

French colorist Stephane Peru, who worked on a variety of books for Marvel and DC has died at age 26, of a heart attack, Newsarama reported yesterday: Jean Wacquet, editor-in-chief of French comics publisher Soleil, has informed that artist/colorist Stéphane Peru, best known for his work as a colorist on Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men, Incredible […]

The Beat’s hard life

What are the odds that in the ONE WEEK that the city is pelted with freezing temps and continued slushy snow, we would have planned–over five months ago–a trip to Florida? Really now. We’ll try to post a bit from the road, but don’t count on it.

America’s Dog

Uno is the first beagle ever to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Snoopy and Underdog are cheering. “He’s a people’s dog, a merry little hound,” Wilkerson said. Photo © New York Times