Uno is the first beagle ever to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Snoopy and Underdog are cheering.

“He’s a people’s dog, a merry little hound,” Wilkerson said.

Photo © New York Times


  1. I thought the look on his eyes was saying, “I’d much rather be napping” or “I really wish that guy would get his hand off my ass.”

  2. wow, the first beagle? and for a “merry little hound”, he sure doesn’t look it. But that’s probably due to the long hours of being prodded by everyone.

    On a side note, if you ever want to hang with some fun people, go out drinking around the area bars when the show is in the city, they are a pretty fun bunch of out-of-towners.

  3. I used to participate in dog shows and met some pretty nice people, but I never associated much with the people that show dogs at Westminster, because most of the dogs at that show are owned by the rich.

  4. I guess I was hanging with some of the less rich. :) I remember them telling me that there was some black tie formal thing going on, but they were not into all the formal things for the show.