French colorist Stephane Peru, who worked on a variety of books for Marvel and DC has died at age 26, of a heart attack, Newsarama reported yesterday:

Jean Wacquet, editor-in-chief of French comics publisher Soleil, has informed that artist/colorist Stéphane Peru, best known for his work as a colorist on Marvel’s Ultimate X-Men, Incredible Hercules, Annihilation: Conquest and Annihilation: Conquest – Quasar, Avengers: The Initiative, Civil War: X-Men, and DC’s Teen Titans: Year One, 52, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and All Flash, has passed away on Monday, February 11th. His work will also be seen in several upcoming projects such as the just-announced The Invincible Iron Man and Young X-Men. He was only 26.

Calling it a “tragedy,” Wacquet said that “Everybody here [at Soleil] is so sad. Our friend and partner Stéphane Peru passed away yesterday afternoon.”


  1. >Could Peru have been “overworked?”>
    There could be something to that. I didn’t know Stéphane, but I suppose it could have been a genetic heart defect, or a combination of stress and diet and such.
    Such a shame when someone so young dies of health related issues.

  2. My ex-roommate died of a heart attack at age 31.

    Many are in denial that his nearly daily diet of diet pepsi and pizza with extra cheese was a contributing factor to his demise….



  3. Heart ‘tack at 33 here. Didn’t knock me off obviously but did leave me with an arrhythmia that could finish the job if it ever gets the notion.

  4. It’s sad when anyone dies, especially one so young with so much life yet to live. Although I did not know Mr. Peru, and know only what I read here, I offer my condolences to S. Peru’s friends and family. Being this type of artist often means spending many hours in sitting at a drawing table or computer in isolation doing work which is often stressful and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Having spent much of my fairly long life in the same or similar type work, I’d like to offer my observations. Since we’re all stuck, basically, with the bodies we were born with, it’s incumbent on us to take care of them. It’s boring and no one wants to hear it, but an unhealthy diet and no excercise, exascerbated by stressful conditions leads to clogged arteries and high blood pressure which in turn lead to heart attack, Diabetes and stroke. Excessive use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes only hasten the process. This advice has no relation to Mr. Peru but is simply directed to other artists or writers who may read this with the hope that it will help them to remain healthy to make art and enjoy the many wonderful things life has to offer. It’s great to create, it’s nice to make money doing it and work is important. Life is worth living, and it’s up to each of us to do what we can to give ourselves our best chance of doing so. Sorry if this sounds preachy, they don’t call me “Ma” Parker for nothing…

  5. Well Rick – if it’s any consolation – I live and work 14 hours a day in a office in West LA and the only exercise I can get on a daily basis is walking back to the Valley.

    I’m living the New Yorker’s fool paradise dream in LA.



  6. As a close friend and studiomate of Steph, I am touched to read so many nice words about him. Thanks to you all.