The Brub on NPR

According to his MySapce blog, Ed Brubaker will be on NPR talking about Captain America tomorrow at 5:25am, 7:25am, 9:25am and 11:25am EST.

Diamond’s Top 300 Comics of 2007

Diamond has released the figures for its top selling individual comics periodicals of ’07. Marvel took 23 out of the top 25, with BUFFY #1 and JLA #7 to break up the string. It affords a bit of closure to see comics based on works by Stephen King doing so well here, because everyone always […]

Diamond’s Top 50 Manga of 2007

Following up yesterday’s charts, our HTML is still less than desired, but here is Diamond’s year end chart for the Top 50 Manga. Although Viz dominates, Tokyopop claims the top spot with FRUITS BASKET Vol. 16. 2007 TOP 50 MANGA QtyRank RetailRank Description Price Ven 1 2 FRUITS BASKET VOL 16 GN (Of 20) $9.99 […]

Besson to direct Tardi

We can’t improve on the classic Variety-ese in their lead for this story: Eyeing its next movie franchise, Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp has inked with Gallic graphic novel publisher Casterman for the bigscreen adaptation rights to Jacques Tardi’s classic comicbook series “Aventures Extraordinaires d’Adele Blanc-Sec.” The star of nine GNs, Adele Blanc-Sec is a tough journalist […]

News Round-up

§ Kevin Colden talks about publishing FISHTOWN at IDW at The Daily Cross Hatch. the indie style ACT-I-VATE comics (and one time Xeric winner) is a welcome stretch for IDW: Q: What’s the process for finally settling on a publisher? It sounds like you’d be discussing the possibility with IDW for a while. A: Yeah. […]

Angoulême wrap-up

Above, this year’s Grand Prix winners Charles Berberian(L) and Philippe Dupuy(R) stand beside last year’s, Jose Munoz. The winning cartooners really do come out on a balcony and address the throng; that is why Angoulême is the true pinnacle of the comics year. Tom covers the early linkage, including this really stunning one of the […]

The ARRIVAL continues to dominate

While EXIT WOUNDS has been getting much well-deserved acclaim, it seems that THE ARRIVAL is the graphic novel that is picking up, as they say, awards seasons mo. This story from a local Aussie paper profiles creator Shaun Tan and lists some of the book’s kudos: Tan said yesterday he had begun talks with a […]

Fantagraphics website news

The wonders continue to unfold over on the newly refurbished and enhanced Fantagraphics website. For instance, they are now running free webcomics, and the first is “Chocolate Cheeks” by Steven Weissman. Now, to be honest, in order to get to the comics, you have to sign up in a way that might please the Dept. […]

*A*** Flight 001 Landing at a Terminal Near You!*

On the other hand, if women in comics are responsible for this kind of thing, then we must say it is time to call a halt: June Manga invites you to join the Mile High Club in All Nippon Airlines: Paradise at 30,000 Feet by Kei Azumaya! ANAL – All Nippon Air Lines – is […]

Where the girls are(n’t)

Above, Kanako Inuki’s PRESENTS Dave Carter decided to count the number of female creators working at the Top Four publishers as listed in the latest Previews, and comes up with a list of 9. Two (Robin Furth and Jessica Ruffner) are writing various book-related adaptations at Marvel. One (Amy Wolfram) is a TV writer working […]