We are a sucker for a curmudgeonly old timer (or at least someone who writes like a COT) taking to a local editorial page on a comics related topic, and today’s piece by Cathy Gillentine in The Galveston County Daily News fills the bill just right. Gillentine is annoyed by the shrinking comics page in the paper:

To me, it looks kind of strange. I carefully check out each page figuring the page with the puzzle and Heloise contains the least popular comics, the full black and white page has the next favorite bunch and the colored comics are supposedly everybody’s favorites.

The problem with this is, I don’t agree with the choices and I don’t know who decided the positions. My two favorites, “One Big Happy” and “Sally Forth,” are both on the black and white, middle choice page.

Incidentally, when they made the announcement, they said everything missing off the pages would be in the online comics collection. I got online and counted 225 comics, more than anybody ever had.

Our takeaway? This is an outrage and something must be done!

PS: we’re guessing the “Sally Forth” Gillentine enjoys is not the one by Wally Wood but rather the one created by Greg Howard (above.)