To do, 2/8: Y THE LAST PARTY

The CBLDF, MySpace and Meltdown comics are teaming up for a wrap party for Y THE LAST MAN. Creators Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra will be there, and Joss Whedon will deliver homilies. There will be speeches and exclusive prints. Attndence is limited to 140; VIP tickets for the event are $100; standing room only […]

YALSA’s Top Ten GN’s for Teen

YALSA, the young adult librarian society, has picked it top grahpic novels of 07: Abadzis, Nick. Laika. First Second Carey, Mike. Re-Gifters. DC/Minx Fleming, Ann Marie. The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam. Penguin Group Giffen, Keith. Blue Beetle: Shell-shocked. DC Comics Blue Beetle: Road Trip. DC Comics Iwahara, Yuji. King of Thorn, vol. 1-2. […]

The 90s: who was to blame?

Tom Spurgeon goes over George Khoury‘s history of the direct sales market, and disagrees on just what happened in the 90s. While the other points are disagreements, this one is more of a strong objection. While there’s indeed plenty of blame to go around for the degree and nature of the industry’s slow period in […]


Hill and Wang, the same outfit that brought you The 9/11 Report and Ronald Reagan is back with a graphic bio of J. Edgar Hoover. What’s exciting about this book is the author: Rick Geary . We’re unabashed Geary-heads here at SBM — his precise cheerful linework belies an unsettling core, and his Victorian Murder […]

We cannot escape Spider-Man

A fresh outbreak of “Spidey is single!” stories hit the world yesterday, and what title the news outlet chose is quite interesting. WaPo went with Spider-Man’s Marriage Spins Apart Fox highlighted the devil angle, above. (Click for larger image.) The LA Times, however, bombed out with: Spider-Man divorces. BZZT! WRONG! We hear Joe Quesada will […]

Strike Update

Speaking of that WGA strike, Variety blogger Tom McLean explains very clearly why Comic-Con is strike-proof. The comment thread to the post points out something interesting that we had kind of noted in passing, as well: the price for a four-day pass has been raised from $55 (pre-reg) to $75. That should do a wee […]

Justice League – no go

Well, the writer’s strike may not have yet claimed the Comic-Con as a victim, but it has definitely claimed the start date of the Justice League movie. The script needed work and that’s impossible with a strike on. Director George Miller was on board and a youthful teenaged cast had been signed. Castmembers were informed […]

Vaughan/Ware crossover

The one you never thought you would see! On his MySpace blog Brian K Vaughan reveals startling details of his appearance in ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY: Chris Ware is my favorite living cartoonist, so I was beyond thrilled to make a “guest appearance” playing myself (?) in ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY 18, which also happens to be […]

Lasagna Cat new flesh eating virus

Perhaps one or two of you have not been pelted — nay, basted, stuffed and roasted with the Lasagna Cat meme over the last two days or so. For you unfortunate souls, here is what you need to know: some guy recreates a live action version of a Garfield strip and follows it up with […]