YALSA, the young adult librarian society, has picked it top grahpic novels of 07:

Abadzis, Nick. Laika. First Second
Carey, Mike. Re-Gifters. DC/Minx
Fleming, Ann Marie. The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam. Penguin Group
Giffen, Keith. Blue Beetle: Shell-shocked. DC Comics
Blue Beetle: Road Trip. DC Comics
Iwahara, Yuji. King of Thorn, vol. 1-2. Tokyopop
Loux, Matthew. Sidescrollers. Oni Press
Mizushiro, Setona. After School Nightmare, vol. 1-5. Go Comi!
Mori, Kaoru. Emma, vol. 1-5. CMX
Sis, Peter. The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain. Farrar, Strauss, Giroux
Tan, Shaun. The Arrival. Arthur A. Levine


  1. Two Keith Giffen titles? Wow… Maybe now DC will finally reprint his Legion of Super Heroes tenure in early 90s.

  2. There’s also the FULL Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, which anyone can see at http://www.ala.org/ala/yalsa/booklistsawards/greatgraphicnovelsforteens/08ggnt.cfm

    The committee selected 43 titles for this year’s list. When you look at it, please remember that YALSA serves youth ages 12-18, and teens’ maturity levels are all over the place. Some older teens are still incredibly immature and overprotected by overzealous parents, other younger teens are very mature for their age and can handle adult material. The range of titles on the list reflects this range of interest and maturity levels.

  3. Why does Keith Giffen get all the credit for Blue Beetle and John Rogers is nowhere to be found? Blue Beetle didn’t really soar until Rogers went solo.