Hill and Wang, the same outfit that brought you The 9/11 Report and Ronald Reagan is back with a graphic bio of J. Edgar Hoover. What’s exciting about this book is the author: Rick Geary . We’re unabashed Geary-heads here at SBM — his precise cheerful linework belies an unsettling core, and his Victorian Murder series should be the template for any “historical comics” line: painstakingly researched but with a sensibility and understanding that deepens the material.

Anyway, we’re excited about a new Geary book, and Hill & Wang was kind enough to share a preview with us. Hoover was, of course, the FBI director who made domestic spying on threats like MLK his bedtime reading. In his day he was one of the most feared men in Washington.

Geary 1 Geary 2 Geary 3
Geary 4 Geary 5


  1. Montage wise, the panels and rich blacks really protrude at you. Even without color, it seems like an exciting story. I really enjoy that skull thingamajig balloon hovering over Hoover.