Perhaps one or two of you have not been pelted — nay, basted, stuffed and roasted with the Lasagna Cat meme over the last two days or so. For you unfortunate souls, here is what you need to know: some guy recreates a live action version of a Garfield strip and follows it up with a music video by Expose or Snap or Barenaked Ladies. In the one we’ve linked to, Jon discovers he’s been using the cat comb instead of the human comb! This necessitates a move into a video based on NiN’s “Head Like a Hole.” For many that may summarize the entire Garfield experience. In fact we couldn’t link to just one:

This one mixes Jon, Garfield, Odie and the soundtrack to Final Fantasy.

Perhaps this is the magical, magical moment when the internet has, in fact, achieved the vast potential for betterment of the human race first shown with the “I kiss you!!!!” guy, and continued in an unbroken line through Peter Pan Guy, Viking Kittens, All Your Base,, Google, the Star Wars Kid, Tila Tequila, LOLCats, Lonelygirl15 and the parakeet that danced.

Best Week ever agrees.These appeared seemingly out-of-nowhere, all at the same time, and will undoubtedly be the best thing to happen to the Internet in a very, very long time.

Could it be that GARFIELD is in fact the tabula rasa of our time; the blank slate upon which the inner zeitgesit of every subsequent generation can be writ; the cave wall of the information era’s children?



  1. Oh, the irony of the motto, “One man lives with the burden of making the whole world laugh everyday.” Where to begin…

    Still, lightyears better than either of the Garfield movies; that’s gotta count for something.