More on Gabrielle Bell’s movie

Tom Devlin at the D&Q blog has more on the Michel Gondry/Gabrielle Bell film Interior Design: Gabrielle even directed part of the film, the film-within-a-film segment called “Garden of Degradation” which she claims was supposed to be amateurish and pretentious but showing potential so she tried to direct it as best she could kind of […]

Oh dear

Pink Raygun on a new Playboy Pictorial: So, Wonder Woman finally gets a female writer after sixty years in existence (and manages to get some favorable real-world press as well) and Playboy follows up on that meme by painting a naked chick who couldn’t survive more than a week on The Celebrity Apprentice. Wonder how […]

Eustace Tilley Contest

The New Yorker is running a Flickr contest for new versions of their mascot, Eustace Tilley . Above, one of Ape Lad’s fine contributions. Eustace Tilley appeared on our first cover, in 1925, and has returned for nearly every anniversary issue since. Create your own version of The New Yorker’s iconic dandy for a chance […]


§ Old Man Musings on Stan Lee art opening: Stan Lee arrived at 6:30 pm to get a glimpse of all the artwork and meet many of the artists. (If you ever meet him, you’d notice that he’s really down to earth.) When making his way around the gallery he’d look at each piece with […]

This just won’t go away!!!

Newsweek gets on the newly Single Spidey bandwagon. Is this the death of Cap 2? The thing is, they’re not so much angry about the breakup itself–most fans will admit that characters, at some point, need a fresh start. (Marvel’s main rival, DC Comics, gave Superman and Wonder Woman new beginnings in the 1980s, and […]

Karl Urban: trekker

It seems that Kiwi Karl Urban, who will portray young Doctor McCoy in J.J. Abrams upcoming STAR TREK XI movie, didn’t have to be persuaded to take the role: he’s a lifelong STAR TREK fan and actively went after the role: Well, I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was, oh gosh, seven years old […]