TokyoposterTom Devlin at the D&Q blog has more on the Michel Gondry/Gabrielle Bell film Interior Design:

Gabrielle even directed part of the film, the film-within-a-film segment called
“Garden of Degradation” which she claims was supposed to be amateurish and pretentious but showing potential so she tried to direct it as best she could kind of knowing that it might not work out. The film is tentatively set to debut at Cannes and then (we hear) open sometime this fall. Not so coincidentally, this will coincide with two new Gabrielle Bell books–one, the short comic collection called Cecil and Jordan in New York: Stories by Gabrielle Bell and a special limited cast and crew gift book created
by Gabrielle and Michel featuring photos and sketches and little vignettes from the making of the film. This petites-livres will be called kuruma tohrimasu which is Japanese for “car passing” which is some sort of private joke shared by the cast and crew.


Picture in link.

NOTE: Tom wrote to tell us taht he had emended his entry somewhat, and we have emended ours to reflect these changes.