Klein, Moore collaborate on Print

From letterer extraordinaire Todd Klein: Todd Klein is proud to announce the release of “ALPHABETS OF DESIRE,” an 11 by 17 inch print newly written by Alan Moore, designed and lettered by Todd Klein, in which Alan explores the importance of letters, alphabets, words, and language in every aspect of our culture and consciousness. Beginning […]

Women doing comics named Buscema

Friends of Lulu has undertaken a bunch of new projects, including updating their “Industrial Strength Women” list which shows women working in editorial and business capacities at the various comics companies. (The Women Doing Comics list is also being updated but that doesn’t seem to have been touched since 9/11, and should be a ginourmous […]

What are the women doing?

Speaking of the NY Times, there were several women-in-comics related posting that went around over the last week or so that we thought worthy of their very own round-up. First, Gail Simone was profile in the New York Times, a prestigious achievement for anyone. However the phrase “She is the first woman to serve as […]

I’m Batman…and John Connor

Christian Bale assays a rare pop culture two-fer as he signs on for the role of grown up John Connor in the planned TERMINATOR relaunch: Bale will play Connor, now in his 30s, in the fourth installment of the “Terminator” franchise, to be set in the future. McG is directing the project, skedded for an […]