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Friends of Lulu has undertaken a bunch of new projects, including updating their “Industrial Strength Women” list which shows women working in editorial and business capacities at the various comics companies. (The Women Doing Comics list is also being updated but that doesn’t seem to have been touched since 9/11, and should be a ginourmous sprawling beast of a list by now.)

Giving a quick check, we were pleasantly surprised to see that illustrator Stephanie Buscema, grandaughter of legendary artist John Buscema, is an assistant editor at DC these days. We don’t know the younger Buscema, but we checked out her web page and her art blog, and it’s incredibly charming. Clearly, talent runs in the family.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on Stephanies art, charming is definitely the word for it. Being English I was unfamiliar with the names Sal, as in Sal Buscema, except as a contraction of Sally, which is a girls name here. For the longest time I thought John and Sal Buscema were brother and sister.

  2. The ISW was around almost as long as the WDC. I should know, I pretty much created and maintained both (although I credit Jackie Estrada for helping get the WDC going). But neither list had been updated for awhile. I know I worked on both lists after 9/11, as I included a lot of 9/11 antho links; I believe I passed the list on sometime in 2002, and the person who said she’d take it up just wound up being too busy. I’m beyond delighted that Val has finally taken up the burden; the WDC update in particular is very nearly a full-time job in itself.