From letterer extraordinaire Todd Klein:

Todd Klein is proud to announce the release of “ALPHABETS OF DESIRE,” an 11
Aodfull by 17 inch print newly written by Alan Moore, designed and lettered by Todd Klein, in which Alan explores the importance of letters, alphabets, words, and language in every aspect of our culture and consciousness. Beginning with “A is for Apple,” Alan explains how letters are “the titans on whose shoulders the entire Earth is resting.” Along the way he paints several enticing word pictures appealing to all the senses, delves into the history of alphabets and language, their impact on magic and the magic of their impact. Find out how he gets there in this exclusive item, suitable for framing, available only on

Alan Moore is known as one of the most influential writers in comics, and has been widely acclaimed for works such as WATCHMEN, FROM HELL, V FOR VENDETTA, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and PROMETHEA. Todd Klein is an award winning comic book letterer and designer best known for his work with Neil Gaiman on SANDMAN, and with Alan Moore on the entire AMERICA’S BEST COMICS line. Together they have crafted this deluxe print, black ink on cream-colored Wausau Exacta Vellum Bristol paper, with each apple hand-colored by Todd, and each print signed by both Todd and Alan. Only 500 copies are available for sale, so log on to to order yours now. Such an opportunity may not occur again!

Text ©Alan Moore, 2007, print ©2007 Todd Klein, all rights reserved. Note that most of the text has been intentionally blurred on this image.

UPDATE: Klein talks about the history of the print.


  1. I ordered one! It’s my Christmas gift to me. How sad. Unless someone wants to paypal some money my way, and then I’ll say the gift is from you.

  2. Heidi, thanks for posting about this – I don’t know how I would have found out about this otherwise. I ordered my three (one for me, two as gifts)!

    Between this item and Black Dossier, it’s a good year to be an Alan Moore and Todd Klein fan!

  3. Long time reader… first time commenting…

    Thank you very much Heidi! I just bought one. I would have been so upset if I found out about this “after the fact.”

    I can’t wait ’til it arrives!