Christian Bale assays a rare pop culture two-fer as he signs on for the role of grown up John Connor in the planned TERMINATOR relaunch:

Bale will play Connor, now in his 30s, in the fourth installment of the “Terminator” franchise, to be set in the future. McG is directing the project, skedded for an April start in Budapest.

Bale has been rumored to be involved in the project for weeks, but there had been conflicting reports about his role.

What other such two time heroes are there? The original Schwazenator was both the Terminator and Conan, of course. Harrison Ford was Han AND Indy. Wallace Shawn was Wallace Shawn AND Vizzini. We’re spacing here…there must be lots more. Knock yourself out.


  1. Let’s not forget the women:

    Jessica Alba (Sin City and FF)
    Halle Berry (X-Men and Catwoman)
    Rebecca Romijn Stamos (X-Men and Punisher)
    Rosario Dawson (Sin City and MIB II)
    Kirsten Dunst (The Crow and Spider-Man)
    Jennifer Connaly (The Rocketeer and Hulk)

  2. Threefer: Kim Catrall… Miss Honeywell in Porky’s, a Vulcan that fans hate in Star Trek II, and Samantha in Sex In The City.
    Then you’ve got great character actors who headline, like John Cleese, Peter Sellers, and John Lithgow.
    And Sir Sean was in Time Bandits, and two different Robin Hood movies! George Clooney in Batman and Oceans 11+. Chris Marsden in Xmen and Superman? Tim Allen in Toy Story and Santa Clause.Marlon Brando in the Godfather and Superman. Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek and Planet Of The Apes? Roddy McDowell in Apes and Batman TV?
    My cell browser only has one window, so this is from memory… but doesn’t Jason Bourne moonlight as Jack Ryan? And isn’t Buckaroo Banzai also Robocop? Austin Powers is Shreck, and Donkey is a Beverly Hills Cop. (do I get points for a degree of separation?)

  3. Too many to count. I’ll go for oldies:

    Gary Cooper: Lou Gehrig and Sgt.York
    George Arliss: Disraeli, Voltaire
    Marlon Brando: Jor-El, Godfather
    Lon Chaney: Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantom of the Opera
    Gregory Peck: Atticus Finch, Douglas MacArthur
    Douglas Fairbanks: Zorro, Robin Hood
    George Hamilton: Zorro, Evil Knievel(!)

    Enuffa dat.

  4. What’s more important than who else has played multiple fan favorites is that now everybody viewing the new Terminator movies will be waiting, consciously or not, for John Connor to announce, “I’m Batman” in a gravelly voice and pull some whupass out of his utility belt. Much as we waited for Hugo Weaving’s Elrond to turn to Frodo and say something like, “That is the sound of inevitability, Mr. Baggins.”

  5. Nobody much cares for Robin Curtis as Saavik in Parts III and IV, either. And speaking of Star Trek: You have William Shatner as Kirk and T.J. Hooker; and Ricardo Montalban as Khan and Mr. Roarke.

    Also, going further back, Humphrey Bogart was both Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe.

  6. Bogie wins!

    I think McKellen’s Gandalf/Magneto double wins for most famed literary (*ahem) characters. That’s the one I was trying to think of.

  7. Linda Carter was Wonder Woman and had a teacher role in Sky High.
    Keanu Reeves was in Matrix and Constantine
    Urma Thurman in Kill Bill and My Super Ex-Girlfriend
    Stallone was also in Judge Dredd and Spy Kids 3D
    Mark Hamill as Luke Skywaker and Guyver (live action Manga Superhero) – not to mention all his voice acting for Superhero Cartoons.
    Natalie Portman in Star Wars Prequels and V for Vendetta
    Will Smith for Men in Black and I, Robot.
    Tommy Lee Jones for Men in Black and Batman.. Forever was it? He played Two Face.
    Arnold was Mr. Freeze and Conan.
    Johnny Depp in From Hell and Pirates of the Caribbean (rumored for Sin City II & III)

  8. James Earl Jones:
    Admiral Greer in the Jack Ryan series.
    He’s even in Dr. Strangelove.

    But the real winner? Lon Chaney Jr.
    The Wolfman
    The Frankenstein Monster
    The Mummy
    Count Dracula
    Lennie from Of Mice and Men

  9. Kids, you are losing sight of the game a bit. It is not just playing two characters in genre films….any schnook can do that. It’s characters of roughly equal value! Thus Lynda Carter playing WW AND a character in SKY HIGH doesn’t count because the Sky High character was clearly an homage to her role as Wonder Woman.

    Jessica Alba as Nancy and Sue Storm does count, though.

    I think Lon Chaney is the winner. For extra credit: imagine internet reaction to Lon Chaney’s career.

  10. Asked my fanboy coworkers… Mel Gibson in Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. Frank Langella in Superman, Dracula, and Skeletor. John Rhys Davies in Raiders/last Crusade and Lord Of The Rings (you can link him with Connery and Ford). Orlando Bloom.

  11. Clancy Brown — The Kurgan and Rawhide in Buckaroo Banzai and the voice of Lex Luthor.

    Anthony Perkins — Norman Bates and Jimmy Peirsall.

    Malcolm McDowell — Caligula and Alex

    David Warner — Evil and ra’s al ghul