Tomine: Cover Boy

Adrian Tomine has drawn his share of magazine covers in his day, but it appears that it’s his MUG that adorns the latest issue of LA City Beat. Within lies a profile as his SHOERTCOMINGS tour winds up: “Even since I was a teenager doing these little mini-comics out of my parents’ house, I would […]

Dave Roman explains your career

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like Dave Roman, because if there is, we’ll knock your lamps out. The Nickelodeon magazine editor and cartoonist is back with a guide to being a freelancer that might just be the best advice you will ever read: What kind of illustrator are you? For any one assignment […]

Spirit set reports

Some journos went down to the set of THE SPIRIT, which is being shot right now by Frank Miller down in Albuquerque, At Newsarama, Tom McLean steals a few words with Miller : “That was The Spirit hunting down The Octopus and going through some of his snappers on the way,” Miller said after approving […]

Dragonball Z movie set

We missed this the other day, but a Dragonball Z movie has been confirmed with Stephen Chow to produce and James Wong (The One)to direct. Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) stars as Goku, and James Marsters (Spike on Buffy) plays bad guy Piccolo. Based on the manga by Akira Toriyama, Dragonball Z has been […]


Adi Tantimadh interview Alan Moore for very long paragraphs about everything. The interview touches on some of the production problems that plagued the book, but focuses on how the book draws together the strains of 20th century pop culture for a very entertaining romp. “The planet of the imagination is as old as we are. […]

Kibbles ‘n’ bits: Simmonds, Simmons, Batman Lego!

§ The Times (UK) reviews Posy Simmonds’ Tamara Drewe and we learn much literary history along the way, including Thomas Hardy’s tragic encounter with an illustrator. Simmonds’ graphic novel is based on Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd. The review is quite positive: If there was a time when what Posy Simmonds seemed to offer […]

Marvel MMO mysteries

Much online chatter that the long-planned Marvel online role playing game has foundered on rocky shoals. This follows a bunch of moves involving City of Heroes: Last week, NCSoft announced it had acquired the City of Heroes IP from Cryptic Studios. Additionally, the staff behind the franchise — approximately 15% of Cryptic — was moving […]

Women of Color panal reports

Elayne Riggs reports on the Women of Color panel at MoCCA the other night at ComicMix, with a PICTURE. The event was so well-attended that MoCCA volunteers were putting out extra rows of chairs to accommodate the crowd. This seemed to speak to comics fans’ need to see and support images represented in their favorite […]

Salma Hayek update

She really IS a Love and Rockets character: The Mexican bombshell and recent mom reveals that as a child she prayed for more…assets. She says, “My mom and I stopped at a church during a road trip we were making from our home in Mexico. “When we went inside, I prayed for the miracle I […]