§ The Times (UK) reviews Posy Simmonds’ Tamara Drewe and we learn much literary history along the way, including Thomas Hardy’s tragic encounter with an illustrator. Simmonds’ graphic novel is based on Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd. The review is quite positive:

If there was a time when what Posy Simmonds seemed to offer was an “entertaining satire on the middle classes”, that limitation no longer applies. There is nothing in Hardy, you might say, which more grimly conveys the paralysis of lesser rural life than her pictures of Casey and Jody at the old bus shelter.

§ Comics autuer/cosplayer Gene Simmons blames the kids for ruining music: That’s right Gene, they once bought YOUR albums.

§ Ben Katchor, man of the musical theatre

§ Mysterious press release of the day: James. C. Shooter? Who is this young upstart?



  1. My son and I love playing LEGO Star Wars together, so hopefully this LEGO Batman will be just as much fun!

    Funny about Gene Simmons. Rock is young people’s music. Of course he’s not going to understand today’s kids. He be old!