200711150345We missed this the other day, but a Dragonball Z movie has been confirmed with Stephen Chow to produce and James Wong (The One)to direct. Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) stars as Goku, and James Marsters (Spike on Buffy) plays bad guy Piccolo.

200711150344Based on the manga by Akira Toriyama, Dragonball Z has been a multi platform sensation in books, video games, toys and cartoons. We’ve never been able to make sense of it, but that must mean it’s good! According to the THR piece, it’s generated some $4 billion in worldwide licensing. We’re happy to hear of Chow’s involvement, since he’s one of the finest moviemakers on the planet for this kind of action genre romp.

Our advice to Chatwin? Stock up on the hair gel!


  1. I hope they keep Piccolo’s look for the movie. I’d like to see what James Marsters looks like with a giant bald head and green skin!

  2. ???

    Anyway, I’m dying to just see one picture from this set. I want to see the actors dressed as DBZ characters, because I still can’t believe that this could be pulled off. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that it’s awesome.

  3. Goku looks like an Asian & should be casted as an Asian because he is based on the character Sun Wukong & Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master character.

    And also he was adopted by an Asian man, Grew up on an Asian Culture, Dress like an Asian, Eats like an Asian, Talks like an Asian(Japanese) and his looks blends with the Asian character’s like Yamcha.