The cost of the Gordon Lee case

Many posters here on the Beat and elsewhere have wondered if it is really in the interests of the community of Rome. GA to spend money to prosecute Gordon Lee for two years. Couldn’t that money be used to prosecute drug pushers at the schoolyard or something else that’s more of a direct threat to […]

Seth Fisher comics, retrospective

Seth Fisher was the wildly unique cartoonist on such books as Green Lantern: Willworld, Flash: Time Flies, Vertigo Pop: Tokyo, Happydale: Devils in the Desert, and Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan died in a tragic accident last year. This Friday (That’s tonight) he’s being remembered at Secret Headquarters in LA called Flowering Nose: The […]

“Pictorial graphic culture”

Illustration by Al Parker, part of Washington University’s new Modern Graphic History Library. The Modern Graphic History Library is dedicated to acquiring and preserving distinguished works of modern illustration and pictorial graphic culture while also promoting sustained academic consideration of those materials. The collection includes artists’ working materials, sketches and finished artworks — from book, […]

Content at Comixology

comiXology is on of those new comics websites you are seeing everywhere. The site focuses on recent comics releases, biling itself as “the ultimate indigital comics bok pull list management.” Whatever. Where they have distinguished themselves (at least in our view) is by signing up Shaenon K. Garrity and Kristy Valenti to write two excellent […]

Linkage: PBS, NPR, CBG, etc etc

§ Mangaka Rivkah on PBS: The producer, Domenique Bellavia has her own blog and commentary on the show where you can reply and say how you liked it (or disliked it!) at And I need to slow down when I speak. >_>; That’s about the rate my brain runs at. § Persepolis on NPR’s […]

Project Rooftop’s Wonder Woman Wardrobe War

Project Rooftop, which has artists reimagine various heroes, has a Wonder Woman themed contest: Contest Announcement: Wonder Woman Wardrobe War! Break out your golden lassos, kids! Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Zeus Comics of Dallas, TX for a drawing contest event in honor of fan-favorite creator Gail Simone’s upcoming run writing for the world’s […]

HERO rides bull at WizTex

Wizard World Texas is in two weekends, and the Hero Initiative has the kind of benefit we like — one which involves potential embarrassment and flailing about. The Hero Initiative, the charity that helps older comic creators in medical or financial need, will be making its appearance at WizardWorld Texas, Nov. 16-18 at the Arlington […]

Hold on to your rights

This video is making the rounds with a clever multi-media presentation of the precepts behind the WGA strike. In a nutshell: the writer want their cut of internet profits. Which, studios say, don’t exist. Right. There’s a lesson for EVERY creator here — don’t give up your rights. You may have created Vitameatavegemin. Please, watch. […]