200711090152Seth Fisher was the wildly unique cartoonist on such books as Green Lantern: Willworld, Flash: Time Flies, Vertigo Pop: Tokyo, Happydale: Devils in the Desert, and Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan died in a tragic accident last year. This Friday (That’s tonight) he’s being remembered at Secret Headquarters in LA called Flowering Nose: The Art of Seth Fisher. Not only will Fisher’s original be displayed, but two NEW mini-comics are being offered for sale:

With work that channels the likes of Darrow, Moebius and Otomo, we are engulfed in a world of candy colored, calculated chaos. Fisher’s pages are oozing with complicated beasts and the visions of sleepwalking dreams. Brains are exploding and monsters are comfortable among the overgrowth of these surreal, tightly rendered environments. An Eisner award nominee, Fisher’s artwork will continue to inspire far into the future.

In addition to Fisher’s original artwork, we will have available for purchase two mini comics: Bob’s Life and The Man With a Thousand Noses. SHQ will also offer a never before seen (or printed) mini sketchbook which features Seth’s Batman:Snow concepts and layouts. Copies of Seth’s Marvel and DC work will also be on hand.

All proceeds from the art, mini’s and books will be going to Seth’s son’s educational fund. If you cannot make it to Secret Headquarters for the show, but would like to donate, Paypal payments can be made directly to [email protected]

Opening Reception: Friday, November 9th, 2007, 8pm – 11pm

Fisher’s friends at Isotope remember him here.


  1. Just got back. Bought a great print (cityscape with monsters). The original art pages are stunning to look at close up. The artistic loss is breathtaking and sad, but the creativity present in every page offsets that slightly.

    Secret HQ is truly wonderfully stocked with indie & mainsteam.

    A lone drawback: one individual, or perhaps a carefully synchronized cabal, felt the need to silently break wind every 11 minutes or so, which eventually became the atmospheric status quo.

    Other than that, a lovely night.

  2. Seth Fisher is my new favorite artist; and after reading this post, i found it strange, that he also shares all my same influences of darrow, moebius, and otomo. I was only made aware of him when someone compared me favorably. Sorta like the same ingredients produce similar art. I’m sad he’s dead. Really sad that i’ll never see any more work made by him.

  3. I wish someone could explain how the “Wind Breaker” was able to keep it going from one end of the store to the other… It cleared after a bit. Still, I had to leave my post at the bar for some fresh air… this is not a regular feature of our store. Do not let that sway you from attending one of our future events.

    We’ll have Seth’s work up for the rest of the month – please stop by and take a look. Really, some amazing work.

    David R

  4. Well, I never…I thought it was a bit tacky for someone to bring up this “Phantom Farter” but it appears it was a real problem!