Wizard World Texas is in two weekends, and the Hero Initiative has the kind of benefit we like — one which involves potential embarrassment and flailing about.

The Hero Initiative, the charity that helps older comic creators in medical or financial need, will be making its appearance at WizardWorld Texas, Nov. 16-18 at the Arlington Convention Center. And some select artists in attendance will risk all to raise funds for Hero.

WizardWorld will have a mechanical bull on the convention floor, and artists Tommy Castillo (Detective Comics), Phil Hester (The Darkness), Angel Medina (Sensational Spider-Man) and Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies) will all have special “Hero Initiative-no bull!” donation jars. All four artists will accept donations for Hero all day Friday and Saturday until 3 PM, and the artist who raises the least will have to ride the bull AND draw a sketch while doing so! You can show your support to keep your favorite artist off the bull by visiting them and dropping a few bucks in their jar.

“As a ‘gentleman of large carriage,’ I’m particularly interested in staying off this infernal contraption,” said Phil Hester. “See me at my table or the Top Cow booth and spend a buck to save me from this horrific fate. Don’t do it just for me. Spare yourself the indelible image of my gelatinous frame flying to flinders before your very eyes.”

“I am so gonna outraise Phil Hester, just so I can see his gelatinous frame fly to flinders,” said Arthur Suydam. “If necessary, I’ll sell a kidney. I have two, I think.”

“We are always thrilled to be involved with Hero Initiative and are very excited to see which of the generous and brave artists end up in the saddle late Saturday afternoon. The ride is sure to be a highlight moment from Wizard World Texas,” said Vice President and Associate Publisher, Rob Felton.

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