Get the lead out

For all the writer/artist types out there, this might be a cool diversion. A website devoted to pencils of all shapes, sizes and colors. If you’re a striking writer, stock up on writing utensils while you have the chance. Posted by Mark Coale


[Getty Images] When writers strike, you can bet the experience will be well covered, and the Writer’s Guild Strike is certainly living up to that precept. With comics and holly wood crossing over every which way, there’s much to cover. First, there are a bunch of comical-types who are involved: Mark Evanier Marv Wolfman Mark […]

Brian Wood revisits facts and figures

Brian Wood is the loudest critic of the various “comic book sales chart” out there (including the ones run here), and he’s always clear about why that is: the numbers aren’t accurate. In this post, he looks at the numbers again, and addresses the controversy, we think, pretty fairly all around. Thought I would update, […]

Rome DA: We’ll go to trial again

Despite the farcical goings on in Rome, GA in the Gordon Lee case, the DA vows to fight on: “We hope to get this on the next available misdemeanor trial calendar,” said District Attorney Leigh Patterson. “I don’t know exactly when that is, but I gather it’ll be after the first of the year.” After […]

Friends of Lulu Blog interviews Marguerite Dabaie

The newly revitalized Friend of Lulu blog has begun a series of interviews with up and coming cartoonists, starting with Marguerite Dabaie whose THE HOOKAH GIRL describes growing up in a Palestinian/Scottish household: Throughout American war history, there is always the “other” race that is collectively hated by the general populous: The Blacks during the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ bits 11/7/07

§ Marvel profits picked up in third quarter due to increased toy sales. § Chris Mautner interviews Monte Schulz, on his father, Chalres: The fact that the family is out of the book is a huge omission. It’s a huge omission because our absence and all the things we did with him distorts the view […]

Batman defeated…by nasty water

Think nothing can stop the Batman? Think again. During filming of The Dark Knight movie in Hong Kong, a scene where the Caped Crusader jumps into the harbor was scrapped when producers realized just how filthy the water was: The plan was for Batman to be seen jumping into the water and then climbing up […]

Not the best

We’re a little under the weather here at Stately Beat Manor, so despite the many lively and thrilling discussions raging on over many vital issues, we will put off examining them for yet another day. Painful, but necessary. We haven’t had a chance to go through the mail, either. Many interesting links, and we apologize.