Despite the farcical goings on in Rome, GA in the Gordon Lee case, the DA vows to fight on:

“We hope to get this on the next available misdemeanor trial calendar,” said District Attorney Leigh Patterson. “I don’t know exactly when that is, but I gather it’ll be after the first of the year.”

After the prosecutor appears to have deliberately brought on a mistrial with an obvious flub, maybe it’s time for the court system to say enough.
At the above link in the Rome Tribune-News, there are several comments. Of course, these could be from partisans of either side, but were we a tax paying citizen of Rome, our feelings would be mirrored by those of “Get Real”:

Can our city goverment not just except the fact that they lost. How much of our tax dollars are they going to keep wasting fighting this?


  1. Ridiculous. I’d love to see this get thrown out of court after the fishiness of the mistrial-triggering opening statements, but I have the feeling this is going to drag on and on and on…

  2. The tax paying citizen is right. It’s a total waste of money just for the sake of punishment, especially after all this time. Gordon Lee is going to make damned sure kids don’t get their hands on the “wrong stuff” again in his store. Isn’t that a win on it’s own?

  3. If anyone has a good clear photograph or two of DA Leigh Patterson, suitable for use as a caricature reference, please send an electronic copy to me at scott (at) scottbieser (d0t) com .