§ Marvel profits picked up in third quarter due to increased toy sales.

§ Chris Mautner interviews Monte Schulz, on his father, Chalres:

The fact that the family is out of the book is a huge omission. It’s a huge omission because our absence and all the things we did with him distorts the view of our family life and allows David to say that my Dad wasn’t a good father. It gives the impression he had no interaction with us, when in reality, for example, Mom essentially did things with my younger sisters and Dad did things with me and my brother. Particularly with me. I was fully involved with him my entire life, from being a little kid. He taught me how to play baseball, we went bowling together, we went to baseball games — he took me to the ’62 world series — played hockey and tennis, and he played in a golf tournament with my brother when my brother was younger. When I was an adult in my late 20s we played in a father-son tennis tournament together. For three years I coached his senior hockey team. He even watched me play the last year of his life. I’m 49 and he’s there up in the stands watching his 49-year-old son play.

§ Adrian Tomine and Derek Kirk Kim profiled by Jeff Yang

§ Pics from the Beowulf world premiere with Brangelina!

§ [email protected] has the Heroes variant covers by Jim Lee, Tim Sale, etc .