Paul Norris 1914-2007

Mark Evanier reports the death of Paul Norris, the co-creator of Aquaman. Ohio-born Norris studied art before ending up at DC in 1940: A year later, he was at DC Comics where his most memorable assignment was Aquaman, which he and editor-writer Mort Weisinger created. (DC now puts a “created by Paul Norris” credit on […]

Gordan Lee: Mistrial declared

The trial of the year non-ended in a mistrial due to statements by the prosecutor. *sigh* Following air conditioning mishaps, illnesses, amended charged and everything else, it seems this trial is CURSED. According to a statement from the CBLDF: The case against Gordon Lee took another in an ongoing series of bizarre turns this afternoon […]

RIP Fabulous Moolah

We’re late but heartbroken: Mary Lillian Ellison, whose flying drop kicks, flying head scissors and hair-pulling “flying mare” body slams brought her renown as the professional wrestler the Fabulous Moolah, died Friday in Lexington, S.C., near her home in Columbia. She was 84. She died at a hospital after shoulder replacement surgery and might have […]