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We’re late but heartbroken:

Mary Lillian Ellison, whose flying drop kicks, flying head scissors and hair-pulling “flying mare” body slams brought her renown as the professional wrestler the Fabulous Moolah, died Friday in Lexington, S.C., near her home in Columbia. She was 84.

She died at a hospital after shoulder replacement surgery and might have had a heart attack or a blood clot, said her daughter, Maryetta Austin.

Moolah was women’s wrestling champ for 28 years or so. A farmgirl who found wrestling a way to make a name for herself and find a place in the world, she was a champion in every sense of the word. She won the women’s championship for the last time at age 76. She did a job when she was 80 (above). Indisputably the greatest female wrestler of all time, she came up in the time when a woman in a singlet was expected to put on a show with grit, determination and fighting spirit, not just silicon, and held her own against anyone.


She was an inspiration. Some great pics and info here.




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  1. I remember her from the 80s WWF Cartoons. She was great on that, for sure. I was too young to see her in the ring, really.
    You’re right, though. A pioneer. I’m sure people who think wrestling is silly will think that comment silly, but it’s important for women to break in everywhere… and Moolah wanted to be THERE and she made her way THERE so bully for her for doing what she wanted to do and rocking it.

  2. Moolah was one of the people featured in the movie “Lipstick and Dynamite,” which is all about women wrestlers in the 50s and 60s.

  3. I am surprised that with all the abuse she heaped on her body even wrestling into her 70ss, that she lived as long as she did and as healthily as she did.

  4. Back when I was at Moondog’s as Marketing Director we sold a VHS tape of the Best of Classic Wrestling. It showcased scratchy black and white vintage footage from the 40s,50s, and 60s. The Fabulous Moolah was a featured star on that tape.
    I remember it was narrated by an announcer with deep southern drawl so thick I could barely understand a word he was saying. But man, could that lady rassle!
    It’s my understanding that when WWE initiated its current program of incorporating the Legends of Wrestling into their current slate of programming that Moolah was one of the most active of on the roster.
    She was represented on the toy shelves with an action figure as recently as last spring. She was clearly a favorite of the McMahon family.
    A genuine popular culture icon!

  5. I grew up watching Moolah and always enjoyed watching her work. And I remember how amazing it was to see her in the ring at 80 years old.
    I hope people will remember her as much for how tough she was as how professional she was.
    I’ll miss you Moolah

  6. The fabulous Moolah was one gorgeous looking lady wrestler back in her day and had one outstanding career. But she also had a darkside,she trained this one afro american wrestler by the name of “sweet” Georgia Brown who was from South Carolina. This took place back in the 50’s she was abused mentally and physically and sometimes she was put out there for prostitution. Some of her earnings that was to be sent home to her family did’nt always get there. Lillian Ellison also did some bad things to a lot of afro american female wrestlers just by going by some of the stotries that were told. I did a research and found out that it was true. If you did’nt play ball with her you received your check at the end of the line. Dont take any offence who ever reads this but she was no angel and i hope that God for gave her and i hope that she repented,we all must do that!

  7. let me tell you that I meet moolah in 2006 for the first time in my life she was a fine lady that was and still my thought know matter what she did to the afro-american wrestlers I forgave her you cant ask for mercy if you are not willing to give mercy alot of things happened in the 60’s we cant change that but she helped me out alot before she died you see she help closed some windows in my life like help me fine my father even doe his family would not have anything to do with me but thats okay also god has the last say so by the way sweet georgia brown is my mother and she was a fine lady and all the things you read are true alot of folks are hidding the truth from you and me but like I said thats okay I forgive them all god has the last say so I just wish everyone would just come clean with me and do right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. to all you stupid fuckers that are hatin, bitch please shes got an amazing life yall are just jealous.
    and this shit right here is commin from her
    so fuck off.

  9. Who here is hating Colby? No one that I can tell. If anyone has a reason to hate it’s Michael McCoy and his family though. As Lillian(Moolah) and her “man” Buddy Lee screwed his mom and countless others out of money and used and abused them. Some say it’s all forgiven because it was in the past when black folk had it rough anyways, but that’s crap. If there’s a heaven then Lillian better hope God can forgive her for her crimes.

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