Mark Evanier reports the death of Paul Norris, the co-creator of Aquaman.

Ohio-born Norris studied art before ending up at DC in 1940:

A year later, he was at DC Comics where his most memorable assignment was Aquaman, which he and editor-writer Mort Weisinger created. (DC now puts a “created by Paul Norris” credit on all Aquaman comics. The absence of Weisinger’s name is apparently a legal problem on DC’s end, not a case of Norris squeezing out his former collaborator.) Paul also worked on, among others, the Sandman in Adventure Comics. He was the artist who revamped the character from his old costume — a business suit and a device that looked like a gas mask — and turned him, at editorial insistence, into a Batman knock-off. When Norris left the strip, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby took it over. During this period, Paul also worked on the Vic Jordan newspaper strip for the New York Daily PM.

Tom Spurgeon has more here.


  1. Damn, that’s sad. At least, he got credit due where credit was due.

    Hey, can anyone point me to a link to what Aquaman looked like in the forties? Did he have the same orange chain link tunic when he first arrived on the scene.

    I’ve never seen a golden age Aquaman before.