Marvel Month-to-Month Sales – September 2007

by Paul O’Brien For the second month running, things are fairly quiet at Marvel. The biggest item on their schedule is the continuing WORLD WAR HULK event, and the X-books are also seeing gains from their “Endangered Species” crossover. The solitary new ongoing title is a revived MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, and there’s a clutch of […]

Comickers on TV: Ryall, Doran

§ IDW’s Chris Ryall writes to say he and several other comics folk will be appearing on tonight’s episode of BEAUTY AND THE GEEK: Tuesday’s edition of the reality show BEAUTY AND THE GEEK (8 PM, The CW), I appear on the show alongside our ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL writer Brian Lynch, Eric Powell, and […]

2007 Quill Awards report

Last evening we attended the 2007 Quill Book Awards, a gala affair held at Jazz at LIncoln Center. The awards are co- sponsored by Publishers Weekly and present awards to books in 20 different categories. The results will be televised on NBC on the 27th. We were there to see our pal Scott McCloud get […]

Trondheim Blogs

NBM is putting up a weekly art blog by Lewis Trondheim to promote his upcomingbook LITTLE NOTHINGS: LITTLE NOTHINGS Vol.1: The Curse of the Umbrella The great talent behind the new generation in Europe, the Dungeon series, A.L.I.E.E.E.N. and Mr. O, pours his heart out in funny snippets of everyday life. His paranoia, little annoyances, […]

No learning, no hugging

It seems that the US version of the cult British sitcom THE IT CROWD has been canned. Perhaps all for the best. This gives IT CROWD (and FATHER TED) creator Graham Linehan the chance to give his advice on how to make the show more palatable to the US audience. It’s MUST reading. As far […]