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Last evening we attended the 2007 Quill Book Awards, a gala affair held at Jazz at LIncoln Center. The awards are co- sponsored by Publishers Weekly and present awards to books in 20 different categories. The results will be televised on NBC on the 27th.

We were there to see our pal Scott McCloud get his Quill for Best Graphic Novel, and it was presented by a puppet, which is sort of fitting, except that the puppet had already alienated the crowd by telling them they were old and ugly. Scott did shake the puppet’s hand, which raises all kinds of They Might Be Giants allusions. Anyway, it was a nice win for Scott, and congrats to him. Nora Roberts won for Book of the Year, for her romance/thriller ANGELS FALL. Earlier in the evening, we believe it was Tiki Barber who mentioned that 1 out of every 4 books sold is a romance. Go figure.

Anyway it was a fun evening of literacy and rubbing shoulders with poets and agents and Dan Rather. Stephen Colbert did the opening and started by announcing that “Gandalf is not gay.” Our bonus was getting to see the very tall and lovely Joan Allen, whom we adored for her role in the Bourne trilogy (actually only the last two movies) as well as her other fine work over the years. Actually the live show was stolen by Mary Higgins Clark, who just says everything very very funny. Put her up against the puppet and she would have slayed. The above photo is of the awards girl who had an incredible, floating sci-fi dress that Go Fug Yourself would have hated and you could only wear if you were built like an Doric column. A few more in the jump.

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L-R: PW’s Calvin Reid, agent Judith Hansen, Ivy McCloud, Scott McCloud, Harper Collins Associate Publisher Hope Innelli, and Charles Kochman of Abrams.

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Can’t get enough of statuesque awards girls.

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Calvin and Scott rap.

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After the post awards reception, we hung out with Scott and Ivy for a while and saw this interesting piece of sequential art at their hotel.

Wire photo of Mary Higgins Clark. She is a pistol!


  1. I don’t think it is the dress GFY would’ve taken issue with as much as the collarbones and arms.
    Me, I love that dress.
    I also love Ivy’s dress, which is fantastic on her, and that Calvin and Scott demostrate what truly becomes legends most: sitting on the damn floor to talk. That’s how it’s done downtown.