§ IDW’s Chris Ryall writes to say he and several other comics folk will be appearing on tonight’s episode of BEAUTY AND THE GEEK:
Tuesday’s edition of the reality show BEAUTY AND THE GEEK (8 PM, The CW), I appear on the show alongside our ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL writer Brian Lynch, Eric Powell, and Dwight Albatross. I signed NDAs that don’t let me say why we’re on it, but I can just say that we’re not contestants.

§ Colleen Doran blogs that some of her art will be used on the TV show NUMB3RS.

They are filming an episode entitled “Graphic”, and it takes place at a comic convention. The creators of the show picked some of their favored cartoonists to send along props, banners, standees and comics, and executive producer Ken Sanzel decided to have my work on the set.

…I sent along a bunch of prints, a handful of graphic novels, and some back issues of the comic, but with such short notice, I was surprised how little I had on hand to ship out. I am in the process of redesigning all my booth stuff, so had thrown a lot out.

I have no idea who else was asked to be on the show, or whose art will make the final cut, but the anticipation is fun, innit?

This episode is set to air on Friday, November 23rd at 10pm ET on the CBS Network.


  1. FYI, Ken Sanzel, who along with his wife Laura, used to own & run the Four Color Gallery in NYC, is an executive producer on NUMB3RS. Don’t know if there’s a connection, but there might be.

  2. BOB! You’ve plugged the hidden gap in comics history. I have had several conversations recently wondering what ever happened to Ken and Laura. Thanks for the update.