Tonight Rocketship is AWESOME

— Long running podcast Indie Spinner Rack has put out a new anthology of comics and its Awesome. — What is the name of the Anthology. — Awesome! — No! What is it called! — It’s Awesome! — No! What is the title on the front of the book! — Awesome! … and so on […]

24 Hour Comics Day rages unchecked

<a href=””>THE IDEA:</a> On October 20th, 2007, cartoonists around the world will face the 24 hour comics challenge. To help these cartoonists, some comic book stores, educational institutions, libraries, businesses, and comics clubs will host special 24 Hour Comics Day events. They’ll provide cartoonists with a space to work, access to food and drink, and […]

24 Hour Comics Day this weekend

Actually it already started, Nat Gertler notes: 24 Hour Comics Day is Saturday… but the event actually starts tonight. That’s because official 24 Hour Comics Day events can start at any time on Friday or Saturday, because then at least part of the event will be on Saturday. We have a school starting at 9 […]

Blade Runner — the final future

I went to see BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT at the last night of its Ziegfield run here in NYC. Yes, we lucky bastards in NYC and LA got to see the final restored version on the big screen and the rest of you didn’t. I’m sorry. I purposely didn’t read about what had been […]

Weird! Eerie! Startling!

No real posting today because. By the way, what could possibly be inside a comic with a cover which needs a 27-word balloon to explain that the giant ghost of an armed man rising over a castle is scary?