Actually it already started, Nat Gertler notes:

24 Hour Comics Day is Saturday… but the event actually starts tonight. That’s because official 24 Hour Comics Day events can start at any time on Friday or Saturday, because then at least part of the event will be on Saturday. We have a school starting at 9 AM Friday in Finland… which here in California is 11 PM Thursday. The final event ends at 2 PM Sunday PDT.

As of this writing, we have 93 event sites lines up in 18 countries, including 31 US states plus Puerto Rico.

Perhaps the most interesting moment comes at 9 PM Friday PDT, when two events will be starting… one in Kuala Lumpur, where it’s noon, and one in Florida, where it’s midnight.

The inventor of the 24 hour comic is Scott McCloud, who also edited the first book collecting 24 hour comics (entitled, unsuprisingly, 24 Hour Comics. This is published by About Comics, and is still available.) He will make an appearance at the 24 Hour Comics Day event at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan. (He’s in NYC to pick up his Quill Award at the big ceremony on Monday.)

There are a mix of pros and amateur cartoonists taking part. The only U.S.-known pro that we have confirmed is Jacen Burrows, who will be taking part at the recently-relocated Twilight Comics in Illinois. However, we generally find out about the pros only after the event has started, sometimes after it is over. Past 24 Hour Comics Day participants include Paul Smith, Frasier irving, Tone Rodriguez, James O’Barr, and Christian Gossett.

There are parallel events inspired by and running alongside 24 Hour Comics Day. This year, we have.
* the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon
* filker Tom Smith is trying to compose and record all the songs for
Herbert West: Reanimator: The Musical during the 24 hours
* the Atlanta campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design is
running the 24-hour Art Challenge – in addition to the Sequential Art
department having 24 Hours Comics Day, other departments are creating
their own 24 hour challenges


  1. I’m led to believe Frazer Irving will be taking part in Happy Harbor Comics’ 24HCBD Event in support of the Alberta Literacy Fund tomorrow, along with Fiona Staples, artist of DONE TO DEATH, an issue of the upcoming Wildstorm movie tie-in TRICK ‘R TREAT, and numerous other things. Including a story in a previous About Comics 24 Hour Comic Highlights compilation, now that I think of it.


  2. I’ll be at the Austin Museum of Modern Art’s Laguna Gloria location. The location is sponsored by Austin Books and Comics. The host is the lovely and terrifyingly tall Brad Bankston.

    I was in the last (and last) 24HCD Highlights 2005.

  3. We will be hosting 24 Hour Comic Day with a modest 6 participants.
    Almost didn’t host this year due to to lots of personal scheduling events.
    Regardless, 24 hours will be spent in Green Brain this year creating comics, preparing library presentations and getting the store ready for a busy holiday season. Come on by and cheer on this years victims, we’ll be open late and the coffee will be cooking all night.