No real posting today because.

By the way, what could possibly be inside a comic with a cover which needs a 27-word balloon to explain that the giant ghost of an armed man rising over a castle is scary?


  1. The caption doesn’t say the castle is scary.

    It merely explains why no treasure hunters have returned, because of the ghost. “What could be inside” – a story about a ghost that kills treasure hunters at this castle?

    If the guy said, “Now there’s a scary castle” or something like that, the posting might be accurate.

  2. Also, how bad are his eyes that he doesn’t spot that giant ghost knight from five miles away?

    “Just get a bit closer, Keith. I’ve got the wrong gaffers on, today, and I’m blind as a bish-bash bat.”


    (PS: I don’t suppose you could unblock that comment of mine on the Brum post, could you, Heidi? Please? It’s probably old news, now, I know, but I’m dead proud of what I accomplished last weekend, and I’d like it on record somewhere. Thanks.)

  3. Personally, I’d be less worried about the giant ghost than the radioactive treasure he just uncovered. From the treasure chest’s glow, I assume that it’s throwing out some serious rads.